On Site Training Program

training-siteEach K9 handler is responsible for frequent maintenance training of their canine partner, as well as weekly training with the entire unit.  Our canine partners are very smart and they become wise to our training methods and locations.

As a matter of conducting productive weekly training we are always looking for new areas, structures and scenarios to use in our training.  During the course of shifts we will stumble upon vacant properties and businesses that would be an ideal location for our training days.  Unfortunately others also find these vacant properties often vandalizing, stealing and using them for illegal activities.

Your participation in the canine on site training program would provide our K9 unit with ideal and different training locations. We would hope that the presence of the Folsom Police Canine Unit would reduce the amount of criminal activity occurring at that location.

Since we deploy our canine partners in every type of environment imagined, we would not limit the program to just vacant properties.  Neighborhoods with homeowners associations or active neighborhood watch groups would be a welcomed participant in the on site training program.  All types of businesses are also encouraged to participate.  Our training hours are from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM, every Wednesday night.  This time of day makes it very difficult to find locations to properly train our canine partners.

To get involved in the on site training program, please just fill out the online form (click here).  A member of the Folsom Police Canine Unit will contact you for further information or to answer any questions you may have.

Participants in the on site training program will be given a static cling “Folsom Police K9 Training Site” sticker in appreciation for taking part in the program.  The sticker can be proudly displayed in a front window of your business.