Online Donation


The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association is a non profit tax-exempt public charity recognized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax deductible. (Tax ID #36-4751855).

Donations can also be mailed to:
Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association (FPCOA)
P.O. Box 6564
Folsom, Ca 95763-6564
The association funds are accepted as donations from private persons and businesses within the community and beyond. Because we respect and care for our canine partners, we are dedicated to supporting them throughout their career and retirement. Here are some ways your donations help us to do that.

  • Medical bills for retired canines. Due to the nature of the job such as climbing fences and physical confrontations with suspects, retired canines often suffer serious medical issues such as chronic hip, bone & arthritis problems. Your donations help their much needed care.
  • Our loyal canine partners play a very large part of our Police force and in their off-duty time, are a part of our families. We see it as appropriate that our canine partners be honored fittingly at their time of passing. These donated funds go a long way to helping us to honor their selfless dedication to their handler, fellow officers and the community for which they served.
  • We also utilize donated funds to promote training and competitions for law enforcement agencies throughout the western United States. These competitions are a chance for K9 teams to demonstrate their skills and importance to the community.
  • Most recently the donated funds have been used to purchase stuffed German Shepherd canines that were given out to children who are courageously fighting terminal illnesses at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital.