Great K9 Competition!

Our K9 Competition was held last Saturday and we had a great turnout. We had 23 competitors from Police & Sheriff K9 Teams from all over northern California. We want to thank the public for coming out and supporting our association. Everyone got to see the skills of these amazing dogs. We want to thank the WSPCA & judges, our Folsom Police Department volunteers, CAPS volunteers, our friends & family for making this competition run smoothly. We also want to thank Cattlemen’s Restaurant for the awesome awards banquet, CAL ISO, Folsom Middle School, Beach Hut Deli, Central Valley Towing, Prison Industry Authority and Sacramento Black Rifle.

Congratulations to Zachary Oxman for winning the AR-15 Rifle!

The Gun Raffle & K9 Competition raised much needed funds for our association which pays for the medical care for our retired K9 partners.  Thank you to everyone who purchased a gun raffle ticket and K9 Association merchandise (with many items being sold out).

Check out the attached pictures and video (thank you to Jennifer Johnson, Laura Knudsen, Eric Lian, Lesley Miller and Ken Thompson for the amazing photos).

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Folsom Police K9 Competition

The Folsom Police K9 Association is sponsoring a Police K9 Competition on Saturday October 8th.  The competition will start around 8:30 AM and run until approximately 4:00 PM.  The competition will be held at the Sutter Middle School (715 Riley Street).  The competition will showcase Police & Sheriff K9 teams from all over northern California.  K9 teams will compete in four events: search, obedience, agility and protection scenarios.  The event is free to the public!!  Come on out and watch these amazing dogs, and show your support for the Folsom Police K9 Unit.

Police K9 Competition

National Nite Out 2011

National Nite Out was Tuesday August 2nd.  Police and Fire made the rounds throughout the City to support safe neighborhoods.  We got some great feedback from City residents, and great turnout. Here is an example:

Police & Fire presence helped to create a great success on Tuesday night for our neighborhood. Please pass our thanks along to all the officers & firefighters that came out to see us on a very ‘Hot August Night’!

Engine 37 crew gave a great ‘mini-tour of the Engine and all its working parts!  The ‘big boys’ really  were impressed with the ‘big [tools] toys’. And, all the children were very excited to see them leave on a call with lights & sirens.  Hopefully it was not a major incident.

Motor Patrol, Mounted Patrol, Canine Patrol and THE CAPS were all there to make it a very educational event for the citizens.  Motor patrol officers showed their lights & sirens to the delight of all the children.  Seeing the horses & Canine’s with their masters was awesome.  The presence of Fire & Police was the highlight of the evening. The City’s participation helped make our ‘first’ National Night Out a great success.  We had many very positive comments from those who attended.  Public Service like this is a major reason our community has such a high quality of life.

When the citizens can meet & greet their neighbors, Firefighters, Police Officers, and CAPS we can see how the Neighborhood Watch can help us stay safe and stay ahead of the bad guys.  I trust that next year Los Cerros Neighborhood Watch will increase our turnout.

Thanks again for all you do to make this possible for our community!

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Bella’s “doggie”

One of our most popular items is our stuffed German Shepherd dogs. This was an idea brought to us by retired K9 handler Joe Leach. Kids have become very attached to these little dogs. One of our Officers’s purchased one of these stuffed dogs for his daughter Bella. He told me that she became so attached, that her “doggie” would go everywhere with her. Before leaving the house, Bella had to have “doggie” clutched in her arms and with her before she could fall asleep. One day Jake called me and said that Bella lost “doggie” and he needed a replacement right away. Jake has since purchased several dogs to make sure Bella always has her “doggie.”


Another great opportunity we have with these stuffed dogs is that we donate them to children on our monthly K9 visits to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Both our K9 partners and the stuffed versions always bring smiles to these brave children.


bella bella1

K9 Ramon Locates Robbery Suspect

Residents were home just before noon, when they heard a noise inside of their house.  They went to investigate the noise and were confronted by a male pointing a silver handgun at them.  The male suspect had broken into the house, most likely assuming no one was home.  The suspect fled the residence on foot out the front door.  Fellow neighbors saw the suspect running down the street with several items in his hands.  As neighbors gave chance, the suspect was seen dropping several items on yards as he continued to run.  The neighbors lost the suspect.  Officers arrived on scene and set up a tight perimeter.  K9 Ramon conducted a yard to yard search looking for the suspect.  As K9 Ramon turned the corner of a residence and headed towards the rear of a small travel trailer, a male voice was heard giving up before K9 Ramon could get to him.  The male was taken into custody for robbery.

K9 Paska Locates Narcotics

A suspicious vehicle turns into a felony arrest after K9 Paska locates narcotics.  Two people were located sitting in a vehicle in the early morning hours next to a closed business.  The odor of Marijuana was coming from inside of the vehicle and K9 Paska was called to do a narcotics sniff.  K9 Paska alerted to the odor of narcotics on several areas inside of the vehicle.  The areas where K9 Paska alerted were searched by Officers.  Located was Ecstasy pills, Methamphetamine, Marijuana and small plastic baggies used for packaging & sales. 

K9 Association Fundraising Raffle

The Folsom Police K9 Association is having a fundraising raffle to raise needed funds for our non-profit K9 Association.  Sacramento Black Rifle was generous enough to build an AR-15 Rifle for us to raffle off (special thanks to them).  Please contact us through our web site at or by phone on the numbers listed on the flyer below to purchase your tickets.  Winner will be drawn on Saturday, October 8, 2011.

 Thank you for your support!!!


K9 Smokey Retires

K9 Smokey retired this month after 7 ½ years of faithful service to the citizens of Folsom and the Folsom Police Department with K9 Officer Joe Leach.  K9 Smokey celebrated his ninth birthday this past September 11th and has been a dependable and dedicated police service dog.  May K9 Smokey have a long and healthy retirement.    

Merchandise Clearance Sale!

We are having a clearance sale of our K9 Association Merchandise.  We have some great items to purchase to show your support to our K9 partners.  Funds go directly to pay for the medical costs for our retired K9’s.  Some of the shirts have limited sizes, so please drop us an email at to make sure we have the size you want.  Thanks again to everyone who has supported our K9 Association!!!