K9 Fundaiser

We are hosting a Comedy Night Fundraiser to help support our K9 partners.  The event is at Tommy T’s Comedy Club (12401 Folsom Blvd., Rancho Cordova) on Friday November 20th.  Doors open at 6:30PM and show starts at 7:30PM.  Come meet our K9 teams and enjoy a night of laughs.  Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased from our online store.  We will do a raffle during the event and have K9 merchandise for sale.  Hope to see you there!!!

UC Davis Children’s Hospital Visit

Working K9 isn’t all about fighting crime.  Thank you again to the families at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital for allowing us to visit them.  Through donations to our association we are able to purchase stuffed dogs to give out to the kids (they even have a FPDK9 badge).  Also thank you to the crew with Child Life Specialists for making this happen.

K9 Ballistic Vest Donated

John Chapman, Companion Animals Territory Sales Manager for Trouw Nutrition International, presented Folsom Police K9 Rex with a Kevlar safety vest donation on behalf of his company’s customers in the companion food industry.

The bullet resistant vest will provide a level of protection K9 Rex hasn’t previously had available due to the enormous cost.

Trouw Nutrition USA is an international leader providing the agriculture and pet food industries with technology-based ingredients. They are based in Highland, Ill.

The vests typically cost around $900 and Chapman’s company is donating 10 of them for different K9 units nationwide.  The vests are very expensive and not all K9 units have them because of their price.

“It will definitely keep K9 Rex safer because of the ballistic capabilities of the vest,” Stokhaug said. “It’s the same type of material that we as police officers use for our bullet proof vests.”

Thank you again John Chapman and Trouw Nutrition International!!!

Passing Of Retired K9 Jerry

K9 Jerry passed away Sunday after complications from a seizure. K9 Jerry was almost 11 years old.

K9 Jerry came to us in 2004 and was teamed with Officer Mike Griffin. During his career with Officer Griffin, they competed in several K9 competitions and were used in several security details (one including a visit from the President). When Officer Griffin decided to move on from being a K9 handler, I was teamed with K9 Jerry for just a little over a year. During one of our training sessions, K9 Jerry cracked one of his canine teeth. It was cracked so bad that K9 Jerry required surgery to repair his gum line. K9 Jerry was a very high energy dog to say the least. Anyone that ever worked around K9 Jerry can remember hearing his loud, enthusiastic, deep bark on traffic stops or covering radio traffic while the handler tried to talk on the radio. Approximately a year later, K9 Jerry cracked another canine tooth and was deemed unable to continue working (hard to bite bad guys with so many teeth missing).


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FPDK9 Fundraiser

The Folsom Police K9 Association is sponsoring a fundraiser night at Cattlemen’s Restaurant in Rancho Cordova on Tuesday April 10th from 5PM to 10PM.  We have partnered with the Folsom Mounted Association and the Folsom Motor Association.  We will be showcasing our Police Motors, Police Horses and of course our Police K9’s.  Monies raised will go to all three of our associations.  Come have great meal and hang out with us.  For money to go to our associations, you will need to bring in the attached flyer with you to give to your server.  Thank you for your continued support!!!

View and Print Flyer Here


K9 Smokey Passes Away

Canine Smokey came to the Folsom Police Department in November 2002 by way of a vendor, ‘Mar-Ken International’ Canine in Santa Cruz, California. Smokey was just 15 months old when he began his training to become a police service dog. Smokey was imported from the region formerly known as Czechoslovakia and as near as we could tell, he was born in September 2001. Since his exact birthday was unknown, I adopted September 11th, 2001 as his official birthday. It only seemed fitting that Smokey would be considered by his own right a freedom fighter for the community.
Smokey recorded over 670 activities during his eight year career in patrol. Approximately 100 hundred of those activities were canine demonstrations where Smokey had the opportunity to interact with children and adults in the community. One of the most memorable demonstrations took place during a ‘Red Ribbon’ week school event where I allowed the assembly of students to meet and greet Smokey. I underestimated the number of students in attendance at the assembly and Smokey had the opportunity to meet 445 new friends on that particular day. Smokey had many memorable visits to the UC Davis Childrens Hospital where he was able to lift the spirits of the children and the staff of doctors and nurses. Smokey was the first mix-breed police service dog used by the Folsom Police Department. Smokey was a mixture of the German Shepherd breed and Belgian Malinois breed, two popular breeds used for police service. Smokey was smaller in stature, muscular in his build, and possessed great speed which was a pleasure to observe. However, Smokey’s greatest attributes were his incredibly strong desire to work as a police service dog and his very sweet nature.
Smokey passed away on February 1, 2012 due to health issues. He will be missed by all those who were influenced by his life as a police service dog. He will be missed as a patrol partner and a member of my family. He was a dedicated and devoted worker who served the community of Folsom well.

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Trajan DC Supports Folsom K9

Child Development Assistant Shawn McCarthy-Drake takes care of 30 kids at the Trajan Elementary School Discovery Club in Orangevale (which is a before and after school program at the school).  As many of us know, keeping track of 30 kids can get pretty tricky.  Especially on field trips!  Shawn wanted a way to support the Folsom K9 Association and came up with a great idea.  Shawn purchased 30 Folsom K9 Association shirts for her kids.  What a great way to keep track of 30 kids if they are all wearing the same shirts.  Thank you Shawn!!!


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