About Us

The primary function of the Folsom Police K9 Unit is to reduce the opportunity for injury or death to Officer’s engaged in the normal scope of their duties.  The K9’s help us do our jobs safer and faster than we would be able to do without them.

The K9’s freely and willingly go into areas Officer’s are not able to.  The K9’s speed, agility and heightened sense of smell make them an efficient tool in apprehending dangerous criminals.

The Folsom Police K9 Unit currently has three K9 teams.  Each K9 team is trained in tracking, area & building searching, and criminal apprehension.  The canines can also assist in locating missing or injured persons under the right conditions, as well as articles.  The K9 teams train extensively every week, and have to be certified yearly to work the streets.

Each K9 handler has a strong bond with their canine partner.  Each canine goes home with their handler, and becomes a part of the family.

The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association was formed to assist in the medical care of retired canines, and to furnish death benefits to all Folsom Police canines.

The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association also educates and promotes the use of Police canines in the community by performing canine demonstrations for schools and community groups.  Some examples of these demonstrations:

  • National Nite Out
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • UC Davis Children’s Hospital
  • Neighborhood Watch Meetings