Passing Of Retired K9 Jerry

K9 Jerry passed away Sunday after complications from a seizure. K9 Jerry was almost 11 years old.

K9 Jerry came to us in 2004 and was teamed with Officer Mike Griffin. During his career with Officer Griffin, they competed in several K9 competitions and were used in several security details (one including a visit from the President). When Officer Griffin decided to move on from being a K9 handler, I was teamed with K9 Jerry for just a little over a year. During one of our training sessions, K9 Jerry cracked one of his canine teeth. It was cracked so bad that K9 Jerry required surgery to repair his gum line. K9 Jerry was a very high energy dog to say the least. Anyone that ever worked around K9 Jerry can remember hearing his loud, enthusiastic, deep bark on traffic stops or covering radio traffic while the handler tried to talk on the radio. Approximately a year later, K9 Jerry cracked another canine tooth and was deemed unable to continue working (hard to bite bad guys with so many teeth missing).


I was given the opportunity to continue in K9 and I was given K9 Ramon shortly after K9 Jerry’s retirement. K9 Ramon and K9 Jerry were immediately unfriendly towards each other. K9 Jerry was only six years old when he retired, so that high energy was still there wanting to go to work everyday. I do not think he understood why the new dog got to go to work and not him.

With two large German Shepherd’s at home, both wanting to go to work and fighting with each other at every opportunity, it became too much. At the time Detective Roman Kehm was needing a second dog at home. Detective Kehm had come out to K9 training many times and was very familiar with K9 Jerry. Detective Kehm took K9 Jerry into his home where he got to enjoy his retirement with Lexi (Detective Kehm’s female German Shepherd). K9 Jerry loved to chase after squirrel’s in the their back yard and chew on his favorite toy, a stuffed duck.

K9 Jerry will be greatly missed!!!


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