Bella’s “doggie”

One of our most popular items is our stuffed German Shepherd dogs. This was an idea brought to us by retired K9 handler Joe Leach. Kids have become very attached to these little dogs. One of our Officers’s purchased one of these stuffed dogs for his daughter Bella. He told me that she became so attached, that her “doggie” would go everywhere with her. Before leaving the house, Bella had to have “doggie” clutched in her arms and with her before she could fall asleep. One day Jake called me and said that Bella lost “doggie” and he needed a replacement right away. Jake has since purchased several dogs to make sure Bella always has her “doggie.”


Another great opportunity we have with these stuffed dogs is that we donate them to children on our monthly K9 visits to the UC Davis Children’s Hospital. Both our K9 partners and the stuffed versions always bring smiles to these brave children.


bella bella1

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