K9 Ramon Locates Robbery Suspect

Residents were home just before noon, when they heard a noise inside of their house.  They went to investigate the noise and were confronted by a male pointing a silver handgun at them.  The male suspect had broken into the house, most likely assuming no one was home.  The suspect fled the residence on foot out the front door.  Fellow neighbors saw the suspect running down the street with several items in his hands.  As neighbors gave chance, the suspect was seen dropping several items on yards as he continued to run.  The neighbors lost the suspect.  Officers arrived on scene and set up a tight perimeter.  K9 Ramon conducted a yard to yard search looking for the suspect.  As K9 Ramon turned the corner of a residence and headed towards the rear of a small travel trailer, a male voice was heard giving up before K9 Ramon could get to him.  The male was taken into custody for robbery.

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