K9 Ramon and K9 Paska get narcotics certified…

With the excellent training provided by Gregg Tawney with Norcaldogs (www.norcaldogs.com), canines Ramon and Paska completed a 120 hour course and passed narcotic detector certification. The canines use their keen sense of smell to discriminate between odors. It is estimated that a dogs sense of smell in between one thousand and one million times greater than humans. This is what makes our canine partners such great tools when searching for narcotics.

The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association assisted in the expenditures associated with this certification. We received enormous support & generosity from the community and without your donations we could not have completed this training & certification:



Folsom Rotary Club

Folsom Police Officer’s Association


California Correctional Peace Officer’s Association

FIDO (Folsom Independent Dog Owner’s)

Kathy & Carl Hennige

Harness Consulting

Rich Alexander Realtor Inc.

Calvin & Nan May

Miguel D. Luevano


We would also like to thank Home Depot, Lowe’s and OSH for their generosity for contributing the materials needed to build our narcotics training wall. The wall is a training tool we will use to keep our canine partners sharp in detecting illegal narcotics.


K9 Ramon and Paska look forward to getting lots of illegal drugs off of the streets of Folsom.


K9 Officer Nathan Ventioner and K9 Ramon

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