The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association is excited to announce the launch of our official website FPDK9.com.  The Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association was formed to assist in paying for the medical care and furnish death benefits to all Folsom Police K9’s.  Our association also educates & promotes the use of Police K9’s in the community by performing K9 demonstrations for schools and community groups.


We would like to hear from the community & get your comments and ideas regarding our new site.  Please click on the contact page so we can hear from you.  We would like this to be a website that members of the community return to often.  We will continue to update the site with stories, photos and community news.

Also check out our online store to purchase your official FPDK9 merchandise.  All proceeds from our online store go directly to the Folsom Police Canine Officer’s Association.  Donations are also accepted and are tax deductible.

We would like to thank Niki from Nikidesign.com, Kate from Sakura Graphic Design and Tarik from ACS Digital Media for designing this great website.

K9 Officer Nathan Ventioner and K9 Ramon

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